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#1:  ̨֪-7 Author: JIEK Post You have posted in this forum: Wed Jun 01, 2005 5:42 pm

λʵڱǸ СʵԴ дɶ¶
һ ǰʱгʱͣ ̸̸̨
λ͸ҵ۾ ȥֿ̨
ȥ˽ ̨ ĵò ηӳ
һ ǰн̨ݵ˻尵 ̨һʹ
ʵ ֻҪųЩĻ ̨ һ
Լ˵ ҿԺɵҵԼӵһС
̨ڹȥܳ һֱڸ߳ɳ״̬(ν̨Ǯ ͽĿ) ʹ֮ദûɶ׼ϵĸ ҿڴﶼ
ʹIJͬѼϵĺȻ(ƾҹûҵС ΰѾʽ)
Ҿٸ һǰҴİ
ȥҳԷȾ ʱڰ칤ź׾ݵ СѾҸͷڿ˷׼ ʱ﹫˾ ĸǷծ· ֻгиձҵ
ҪԼ ۺ һʼĿ˾ ˺ڿ ֺܺЦ
һԼ СӪ һȴ׬ʮ δרƱҵ ǸͨԱ춨İ׼ йƯ(еͭǸĪ)
ԾϸѡҸ ֪һ صĸ ҲΪǸֹ۶׶˿ĵ˰
ָ̨ԣĻ ʵǺ ƽ ̨Ҳܲʡĸ ǵ౾ʡ ֳйͳũ񴾺
һ ɰʹ
ҳ ̨ûǻʡ ̨ һõĵط Ϊ ɰȻɰ ʷµ붾 ʱ

Ҵҹѧ ʼķڹ һװϵĹ˾ҵ
ʱ̨ ǹƱ һƬٵʱ δˮ̨ Ǻܺ ҵĵн ÿֻҪҵ һ
Ǽ乫˾һҵ нʮ ǾԲ ΪҶ() ֻҪǮþͺ ʱһֻвʮ湤
乫˾IJƷ ձŷڻ̨ еijߵԡ豸 ܴ ԭľذ ߼ש ƾ߶ ҵԱҪʦ
ʦ򽻵 Ǹҵһ ѽԼĿͻȺ ÿֻҪӽֻ Ϳͻһ ͹ҽ˾ĻҵҪ
ʱ ʶһλʡĺ Ҵ
Ȼֵ Ǹܲݸζ̨ ˮ繤 ѧˮ罳֤ һרװ깤̵Ĺ˾ ʮ뼼ʦ
ߚ?˸ܰ ˳ݰ ƳԵݺںڵ еСŮԲԲֵ(ʵ̫躢 ȫǰʮ
Ůȥ۲μӹǵݳ û˧.....) ˺ ɳ
ɳ (̨еֻ ָΪˬ) ÿȥ̸ʱϲݲ̧ ϵرһһ Ӿ ͱɺҪõ ÿֻҪû
칫 ݾҶ㲻Լļ乫˾ ҳȥԼ˾ ŻȥһЩ ʱ㵱ȥ İ칫
и300Ĵˮ һֵֹ Ƕι㶺Ȥ
Ӵˮ(Щ滨Ǯ벿 ing ) ְѵǹ˾
ҳ° ͽǹ˾ĹСóȥ(ע ҿǻ ɴ˿ɼ ÿ˲dz) ұе
ܶ 㵽ܶ¶ڰ ҺЩװʦ°ȥ()ʱ ǻΪܶҾ ΪҺϰ忴̫ Լ
˾ҵʱ 绰Ǯ ˵Ҫ ЦӲҪǮ˵
ǰ Լȥμڹ˾ΪԱĿ ԵһӼѼ ʺĸשͷһ
Ǹʡ Ǹһ۾ϵóʡ˵ʡ(ҵĸͷϸ Լϰ˵ ﷢Ҳ׼Ĺͷ) ȴܴһ
̨õ λ ȥϲʱ ϳʡ˺˰ ôӵζ Ⱥij϶ Ǹڵ
˵ ж ѡƱ Աǿ ԱĨת DZеĴŭ Ϊ ȴҵһйij һ

ڳɳĹ һֱһ־˵۲̨
Һ͹ͬ ȴ ʮϧǼ ȴʹǵ޴ һJԹԼijª ȴοں
̨ ⳵˾һֱ֧ Ѳֱʡʡ ̨ѡǰҴвij ֻҪס̨Ķ֪ Ⱥ˱
ʼı е֮ʱ ÿ˷ʱ ߵ齫ԷΧס̸ ȫ˾ Էʱ һϰٲ⳵
Χ ͨȫ̱ Ⱥѡٵļ ޷ԤǻΪ
ÿѡ ͿԸоDZDZڳ²ˮۻ
̨ ˵˺Ͳ˵˶ͬһƱȨ
Ҿٸ λǸˮ ˮ Ѷָ ˮϰƨˮ徭һƨһСʱ Ժijˮݵϰ쵽 Ҳͳ˺
ǸϰܺЦ Ǹ(Ҽ滻)ı ȴϲĽĿ һ߿һߺ͵ û¶Ҽܳһ ΪʲôҪ
ô޹񵳨 ˵ ұЩʡ۸ô Ȼ (񳣳ҲǸʡ ʱ񵳵ĵϯǻ ) ȥαʡ۸
һ̨־һ˵ǰﳤǸʡ ж໵໵ žſڻͣλĸblablablaһ.....
Ц ҳֱȺ̨֢ ƴԼ
˵Ⱥ ûд ڰɫֲʱǸһЩ ˼ҪȺҲҪǸ뱻Ⱥķ(ҵĸ׾㱻Ϊ ˯ʱƾʧ Ҫ֪ 񵳵İɫ
ֲ δֱʡʡ Ժлһ˵ ) ҿ๷ƨ¶Ƶͷ Цһ dzİ˰ĵһ ʱΪ
һҵij̱ ײǸ̨弮Ļ˾ ͹һƨϵû а취 ˵DZײ ĵһ˨ Ȼ
̨峤ʮ ޵ Ե ۿһ
ҶԹ񵳵 һȺûͷ
Ҷ һȺİ׳
´ һЩ̨

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